One, But Not the Same: Bible Evidence for Gender Roles

Bible Evidence for Gender Roles

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We are pleased to make this new 28 page booklet available for review, teaching and reference. It addresses the Bible evidence for gender roles: the differences in roles for men and women in the ecclesia, opening with the question, "Why do we do it that way?" The author presents a thorough and scripturally based exposition on gender roles as revealed in the Bible in contrast to the gender uniformity that is preached by the world. The booklet is presented in three sections:

  1. Understanding Biblical Oneness and Gender Roles in Creation;
  2. Teaching and Examples from the Old and New Testaments;
  3. Some Common Objections to Biblical Gender Roles - in which the author responds to many of the distracting objections voiced by opponents of the Biblical model.

This work is being made available due to its relevance to our ecclesias today. Western society, the courts, and even the churches have succumbed to the world's adoption of gender equality. Gender equality is a foundation principle of the new age and there are Christadelphians who are encouraging us to "put our practice in the 21st century."

We believe this presentation offers value to our community as an effective teaching and study tool, particularly for our young people. Though it may be of particular interest to young sisters, it has relevance for all ecclesial members and for the functioning of our ecclesias according to Godliness. Copies are available for $1.00 plus postage from the Advocate bookstore.