The Key to Bible Understanding


A little more than 60 years ago the Truth – as I see it today – was presented to me. It was so different to what I had been taught that my mind was definitely made up that this new religious teaching should be put down. Like Paul of old, I set out to demolish this heretical doctrine. My fight continued over a period of seven years.

I called on members of the church of which I was a member to help me fight and put down this, as my friends called it, "abominable doctrine." One aged brother, a pillar in the church, when I asked him to help me fight this awful sect, everywhere spoken against, said: "Let them alone, they are leading you around by the nose." His reply did not satisfy me. I kept up the fight. I called on my father, a daily reader of the Bible, and one of the best men that ever lived, to help me. It did not take him long to see that the doctrines, viz: – the soul is immortal and can never die; heaven going at death for the good; and for the bad eternal burning in hell, presided over by an immortal devil; were false and he said: "I'm quitting the church" – and he never went back any more. My ammunition was all gone. I fully made up my mind that the doctrines I had fought were true – so on August 3, 1902, I accepted the truth as I now believe it, and have earnestly contended for it now over a period of more than 50 years.

During this long period, scores of people have asked me questions, and this book is a record of questions and answers and is sent forth with a prayer that it may help honest seekers after the Truth to see what the Bible teaches on various subjects. Following each question, a scriptural answer will be given – a quotation from the Bible, or a reference where the answer may be found.

My thanks are due to many who have assisted in this work, and have given words of encouragement to the undertaking. Special thanks are due to the following who have prepared questions and answers for the book: Sisters Sarah Farrar, May Harris, Brothers L. E. Parker, J. M. Weir, C. J. Hall, N. F. Kuhlmeyer. Others who have made valuable suggestions are C. L. Treadway, R. E. White, and Betty and Margaret Dunaway, who assisted in editing the manuscript.

I have asked for Divine guidance, health, and strength to finish this labor of love. It is perhaps my final effort to help people see and understand that God is love and that John 3:16 is the proof.

In Israel's Hope –      
O. L. Dunaway

The Key to Bible Understanding
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