Let Us Go On Unto Perfection

...in the very nature of things, it is evident that brethren will never see eye to eye upon everything...Now, upon all things it seems, and indeed is impossible to get perfect oneness of mind, and if such things are to be made a test of, less than a "corporal's guard" will be left - every person will resolve himself into a body consisting of one member, and such a thing as an ecclesia will not exist. In making tests of fellowship we are safe in going so far and no farther. The things that go to make up the "first principles " having been decided upon, and worded in such a form that no mistake need be made. Let the question be: Is there oneness of mind upon these? If so, while we try to "go on unto perfection," let us not distract and rend the body in pieces by forcing in crotchets, or even by making a difference of belief upon minor matter a test of fellowship.

Now, this is not a plea, by any means, for "broadening the lines;" but it is a plea for keeping them in their well-defined place, where they have been ever since the nineteenth century revival of the truth, which is evidently where they were in apostolic times; and unless the brethren awake to the importance of this and look about them and see that the enemy does not steal a march upon them, they will find themselves entangled in the meshes of the evil one who is always at work in one form or another.

Thomas Williams, Editorial, June, 1888, p. 163-164