The "Bookstore"

Responsibility for the management and distribution of published books, pamphlets and related materials passed through the hands of many hard working and willing volunteers over the course of the Advocate's years. These individuals worked quietly behind the scenes, their efforts often unnoticed save their name and address noted in the Advocate as the contact for publications. Yet these efforts on behalf of our community have been invaluable, and as one past publications manager expressed, " The countless telephone calls and pieces of correspondence exchanged with readers of the Advocate and the number of Christadelphian books and pamphlets related thereto have shown my sister-wife and me (both during and since the several-year period in which we handled the distribution of materials through the Advocate Bookstore), that there is an unfathomable depth to the well of both spiritual and practical knowledge available therein. This service and its inherent benefits are available to any and all readers who wisely choose to make intentional and diligent use of these facilities and the literally life-saving materials preserved and made available throughout the Brotherhood." (Blair Smith)

Within the past 70 years, responsibility for Advocate publication duties have changed hands only seven times:

The Advocate committee and our readers recognize the effort and diligence required of the many volunteers that have performed these responsibilities over the years, and we gratefully applaud their selfless contribution to the spiritual welfare of our community of believers! (The committee recognizes Sister Martha King and Brethren Rodney Dodl and Blair Smith for their contributions to the presentation above; as well as to Brother Blair for his work on the preceding article - "The Value of the Truth's Literature.")