Internet Bible Study Aids

The internet offers a vast source of information for the Bible student. The down side is that the information is not all correct or spiritually oriented. However, having stated this concern, if you have a computer and are not using the scriptural resources available on the internet, you are missing opportunities that could make a valuable contribution to your study of God's word. You don't type? All recent copies of "Windows" come with speech recognition software...speak into a microphone and your speech is printed onto a document.

Brethren preparing lectures or study lessons may find an electronic version of the Bible to be most useful. The ability to cut and paste Bible verses accurately and without typing is most worthwhile. The search engines available in these software packages are very rigorous and many Bible programs may be used on line without downloading the software (also useful when you want to compare your King James Version with other translations). Understanding how to use your mouse, especially the right click aspect, will prove most valuable as will a good understanding of how to save digital images. These skills are an efficient and time-saving method of capturing information and images for presentation, particularly for PowerPoint users.

There are many FREE copies of Bible versions, concordances, lexicons, dictionaries, encyclopaedias, historical documents, maps, biblical images, and commentaries on every Biblical topic. The "Google" search engine is very popular with both PC and Mac computer users. If you are unfamiliar with the internet, talk to a user in your ecclesia or to someone you know who may be able to help you get started. You will find that the King James Version is always included in each piece of Bible software.

There is no necessity to use any of the sites given below, but you may find within these sites a vast array of useful resources and access to Bible software that have been used and recommended by brethren. Make certain you have an up-to-date virus checker before using the internet. Take your time at each site to look at all of the options and resources offered.


These sites offer a variety of resources including indices of their magazines, books, articles and downloads:

The Christadelphian Advocate:
The Sanctuary-Keeper:
Christadelphian Truth Gleaner:


Weekly World Watch: A free weekly PowerPoint presentation received through e-mail focusing on "things which fit in with what the scriptures say will happen in the last days." These are concisely presented with an attending photograph, comment and scriptural reference.

Milestones Snippets: Free news articles received 8-12 times a month through e-mail covering current affairs of interest to students of Bible prophecy.


Concordance: Several concordances are available on the internet (the classic exhaustive Bible concordance for the English translation of the Bible is Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible). Using a search engine like Google, type in the name of the concordance you want to use and you will find many "hits" (sites).

( allows download of Septuagint in PDF format).


Bible Gateway: A program offering many versions of the Bible for your use as well as word and verse search capacity (free for use without downloading any software).

E-Sword: This is a popular programme incorporating Strong's concordance, "parallel Bible" viewing, scripture references in the Commentary, Dictionary views displayed as ToolTips and the KJV is available with Strong's numbers attached.

Bible Tools: Bible Tools assists Bible study through reputable Bible resources and study tools. An online piece of software through which you can retrieve any verse or chapter of the Bible - with or without Strong's numbers attached.

Bible Study Tools: An online resource with multiple tools.

The Prophecy Letter: A Christadelphian website "exploring Endtime prophecy based strictly upon Bible exegesis."

Gospel Publicity League: A Christadelphian website offering articles, books, pamphlets, Bible views on the news and Middle East updates.

WORDsearch: An extensive library of publications from Bible versions to commentaries, dictionaries, historical books, maps … also a free stripped down program called Bible Explorer.

Crosswalk: A good resource including most versions of the Bible.

Bible History Online: Multiple resources such as maps, illustrations and archaeological updates.

Judaism 101: An online encyclopaedia of Judaism covering Jewish beliefs, language, scripture, practices and customs.


Ed Duffield, London, ON